Set of 8 Paintbrushes

Discover the Set of 8 Paintbrushes for Contemporary Art and Mixed Media, the essential tools I use in all my creations and in every tutorial on YouTube to bring captivating and expressive artworks to life.

These versatile brushes are available in four different sizes and are sold in sets of 8, including two of each size. With dimensions of 13 mm, 25 mm, 33 mm, and 50 mm, you have the perfect tool regardless of the scale of your artistic project.

Featuring 100% synthetic bristles, these brushes offer outstanding performance while being easy to maintain. Their durable plastic handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the washable bristles allow you to reuse them multiple times, ensuring economical and eco-friendly use.

Whether you're a professional artist or a passionate beginner, these varnish brushes are ready to use to bring your artistic ideas to life. The set of 8 brushes includes a selection of four different sizes, providing maximum versatility to meet all your painting needs.

Choose quality and performance with these top-notch flat brushes, designed to inspire your creativity and accompany you in all your artistic adventures. Make your artworks a true expression of your talent with the Set of 8 Paintbrushes for Contemporary Art and Mixed Media.