.Artistic Exploration.

Corrosion & Beauty: My Artistic Exploration of Time
My Paintings...

I am a visual artist working primarily with mixed media, and my artistic practice focuses on corrosion and corroded materials. My style is heavily influenced by industrial aesthetics, and I often incorporate elements of rough textures, eroded surfaces, and patterns reminiscent of industrial structures in my artwork. To create these effects of corrosion and degradation, I use techniques such as layering paint, scraping, sandblasting, and acid washing.

These techniques add an additional dimension to my abstract expressionist style, creating a unique aesthetic that evokes notions of time, transformation, and decay. My artwork invites viewers to reflect on the processes of aging and disintegration present in our modern environment.

The use of these industrial and corrosive elements brings a particular visual tension to my creations while prompting contemplation of the fragility and resilience of our contemporary world. My goal is to capture the essence of these transformative processes and create a visual experience that invites contemplation and reflection on the ephemeral nature of our existence.

By exploring the beauty in corrosion and utilizing these altered materials, I seek to offer a new perspective on the concept of beauty and challenge pre-established aesthetic norms. My artistic style lies at the intersection of abstract art, expressionism, and industrial art, creating a dialogue between the past and the present, between degradation and creation.



My Collages...


Art collage is a mode of expression that I particularly enjoy, as it allows me to create works that are rich in meaning and emotion. This artistic technique enables me to explore the aesthetic and symbolic potential of papers, vintage notarial documents, and old book pages. My aim is to invite viewers to reflect on the passage of time and how it can mark our lives.

Vintage notarial documents and old book pages have a history that goes back to a distant era. By using them in a contemporary and minimalist artwork, I want to emphasize that time passes quickly and things are constantly evolving. Therefore, my art collages are a visual representation of this reflection on the passing of time.

In creating these works, I aim to create a metaphor with life in general. Like the papers and documents used, life is made up of multiple experiences that leave a mark on our journey. The colors, textures, and shapes of the different elements used in the collage represent these experiences that juxtapose to form a coherent whole.

Through my work, I invite the viewer to reflect on how they live their life and how they can integrate all their experiences into something beautiful and meaningful. My art collage also serves as a reminder that time passes quickly, and it is important to cherish every moment because each moment is precious and unique.

My objective is to create works that are rich in meaning and emotion, to touch all those who look at them with attention and sensitivity. My art collages are a means for me to express my vision of the world and to provoke viewers to reflect on their own life and their relationship with the passing of time.


Sergio Aranda