Welcome to my artistic universe...


I am passionate about creation, expression, and the emotions that art can evoke. My work focuses on a particular element that fascinates me: the corrosion of materials.

Indeed, the degradation of materials is a constant source of inspiration for me. I enjoy observing how texture, color, and form evolve over time, how patina and alterations give birth to new artworks. Naturally, the corrosion of materials has become the guiding thread of my artistic work.

My practice involves a reinterpretation of the perception of space and color. I use visual elements and principles of color, line, subtle texture, structure, movement, and pattern to create unique and expressive artworks.

Over the years, my work has developed in a textual and organic manner. I enjoy experimenting, exploring new horizons, and pushing my creative limits to offer increasingly original and distinctive pieces. My art is a reflection of my personality, emotions, and perceptions of the world.

I invite you to explore my collections, delve into my artistic universe, and allow yourself to be carried away by the emotions emanating from my works. Welcome to my creative world, where the corrosion of materials becomes an endless source of inspiration.


Art Inspiration - Lanzarote Land of Volcanoes