Unveiling Life and Art with Sergio Aranda VLOG

Unveiling Life and Art with Sergio Aranda VLOG

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my brand-new YouTube channel, Sergio Aranda VLOG. It's much more than a mere extension of my main channel, Sergio Aranda ART, my eBook, and ultimately, myself. On this new platform, I will open the doors wider to my personal life, my life as an artist, and the behind-the-scenes of my presence on YouTube.

You will also get to explore my carefully curated playlists, perfect for every occasion in life. Additionally, I'll be sharing videos detailing the materials I use in my art, with tests and comparisons of fine arts products. A deep dive into the tools that breathe life into my creations!

Starting from January, I have prepared an exciting series of Vlogs for you. You'll have the opportunity to follow my last week in Paris and experience with me the move to Madrid, a step full of emotions.

I warmly invite each of you to subscribe and not miss out on this new adventure. Together, we will create a space where sharing and passion will be the guiding principles.

I can't wait to share these special moments with you. Join us, subscribe, and together, let's build this vibrant VLOG community!


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