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Sergio Aranda ART

Tricephalic Palace

Tricephalic Palace

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- Size 40cm x 40cm x 3.5cm
- Acrylic on canvas, mixed media
- Signed on the back / Sergio Aranda
- The sides of the board are painted
- Finished with coats of varnish
- With certificate of authenticity
- FREE shipping
- Year 2023


"Tricephalic Palace," the first two floors bathed in blues and gold appear to be where splendor is at its peak. However, we discover that the palace is corroding from all sides. The juxtaposition of the opulent floors and the corrosion evokes a captivating tension between apparent beauty and hidden reality. The painting reveals the passage of time and the marks of age, emphasizing the fragility of fleeting splendor. It is a reflection on transient beauty, transformation, and the secrets that ancient places hold.

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