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Sergio Aranda ART

Serie Aged Minimalism No 19

Serie Aged Minimalism No 19

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This series from Sergio Aranda's Petite Art Collection is called "Aged Minimalism," encapsulating the essence of the work by merging two seemingly opposing concepts: minimalism and beauty in imperfection, in line with the philosophy of wabi-sabi.      

 The artwork is characterized by its minimalist approach, where each element is carefully selected to convey a sense of simplicity and calm. However, this simplicity does not exclude the presence of imperfections; rather, it embraces the idea that beauty can be found in the worn, corroded, and aged.

Through the use of rust and worn textures, the artwork evokes a sense of history and accumulated experience. Each mark and imperfection tells a story, adding depth and character to the composition. Instead of hiding these imperfections, the artwork celebrates them, recognizing the unique beauty that arises from transience and the passage of time. 

Ultimately, "Aged Minimalism" invites the viewer to contemplate ephemeral beauty and find harmony in the coexistence of the simple and imperfect, reflecting the fundamental principles of wabi-sabi philosophy. It's a small format of art perfect for treating yourself or gifting on any occasion

Dimension 12 x 12 x 3,5 cm    

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