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Sergio Aranda ART

Caminos del Destino

Caminos del Destino

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- Size 50cm x 50cm x 1.5cm
- Acrylic on canvas, mixed media, texture
- Signed on the back / Sergio Aranda
- The sides of the board are painted 
- Finished with coats of varnish
- With certificate of authenticity
- FREE shipping
- Year 2024

"Caminos del Destino" is a painting that invites reflection on the various paths we take in life and how they shape our destiny. With a dark background suggesting uncertainty and mystery, the lines and shapes represent the intertwined paths unfolding before us. The presence of crosses, ambiguous in their meaning, evokes the notion of choice and destiny, while the effect of oxidation adds a sense of age and the passage of time. In this piece, the idea is explored that our paths, though marked by impermanence and uncertainty, are integral to our story and lead us toward a destiny yet to be discovered.

My work explores the essence of contemporary art through minimalist pieces created on canvas, but with a unique organic aspect. My captivating paintings mesmerize the eye with their subtle textures. By playing with corrosion effects and using earthy natural tones, I create a true immersion in the harmony between art and the natural world.

These unique works of art combine mixed media techniques, with textures created using gesso, wood chips, acrylic paint, and pigments. They will arrive ready to be hung on your wall. A certificate of authenticity is included with each piece. My paintings are securely packaged, insured, and shipped by a reliable courier to ensure they reach you safely. I am thrilled to share my passion for art with you, and I hope my creations inspire you as much as they have inspired me

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